Regulation Crowdfunding securities are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including the loss of the entire investment. 



What we do

Launching the first round of offerings in Q3 2020, Funders USA will provide Equity and Debt funding to startups and larger projects through Crowdfunding. We are registered with the SEC and FINRA approved to operate as Funding Portal under the JOBS act and act as an intermediary for financing between investors and startups. Broker-Dealers may also launch Regulation D and A offerings on this website.

Our vision is to accelerate the capital flow to new, innovative technology-driven initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. We are assembling a top-notch network of industry-leading securities, technology, and startup experts.

As our core segments, we will enable startups developing AI and SaaS-based software, as well as devices and IoT.

If you are a startup in a different sector and have a strong business model, you can still submit your application. To be successful with crowdfunding, and in particular, for larger capital raising rounds, consider that most companies already completed some type of proof of concept and have generated their first sales. 

Our investment committee looks at your business model from a number of angles and takes into consideration that some areas may be stronger than others. Below you can read more about what is involved in raising funds for your company.

Capital Raising Process

We treat our issuers as long-term partners and have an on-going dialogue throughout the process. Our network of advisors and capital raise experts will provide you feedback and, depending on your business vertical, industry-specific guidance during the process of raising capital.


During the initial screening, your company will be classified into one of three investment categories:

  1. Companies that develop technology, software or services for AI or IoT, looking for capital to grow and expand. The fundraising could be part of series A or above rounds for products that are gaining traction.

  2. Larger initiatives and projects that incorporate various degrees of new AI, Robotics or Device concepts. 

The classification helps determine what industry advisors should be involved, as well as marketing and fundraising strategy.

Our investment committee reviews projects on-going, and look at all areas of the business model. Ensure that you articulate :

  • The market opportunity. How large is it, and who is your target demographic

  • Your value proposition and offering

  • Traction to date in terms of sales and customer adoption

  • Your team

  • Your financials, current and projected

If you need help with completing an application or have general questions on fundraising, give us a call.

Companies that meet our screening criteria and are accepted into the funding process will get feedback on all facets of their business model, including cash flow analysis and direct feedback from customers in your industry.

Once accepted into the funding process, we will work closely with you on the financing options available. You have a number of options available, which we will go over with you in detail and model out. 

Funding Alternatives

You can raise between $250K and upwards, choosing from a variety of debt and equity financing instruments

  • Regulation CF: $250k- $1M  - Non Accredited Investors by Funders USA, Inc

  • Regulation A+ $250k-  $50M -Offered by Broker-Dealers on this website

  • Regulation D 506 (c) $250k- Unlimited - Accredited Investors Only -Offered by Broker-Dealers on this website

The funding can be structured as Debt, Equity or Revenue share.  Offerings can be combined to reach a broader investment community and to optimize the capital structure. Funders USA, Inc offers only regulation CF, on this website and any Regulation A and D offerings on this website are offered by Broker-Dealers. 

To learn more about raising capital with Funders USA, fill in the contact form and one of our capital raising experts will be in touch. 


Flexible Financing  Alternatives


Fixed Payments

All the benefits of conventional fixed monthly payments, without diluting company ownership.

Revenue Share

Pay As You Grow

Ideal if you expect seasonality in your revenue growth. Pay your investors a fixed % of your revenue.


Raise Capital for Shares

Trade long-term ownership in your company for investor funding to bolster company growth.

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