Advisory Board

Luis Rodriguez

Former Director IoT Honeywell, Director IBM IoT Ecosystem, Engagement Manager McKinsey,  PhD, MIT

Laurel Haak
Ph.D. Neuroscience, Stanford
Former CEO, ORCID, Chief Science Officer Discovery Logic, Reuters

Kyle Hoedebecke, MD MBA MTE MPA MS FAAFP, Medical Director, Oscar Health, Chief Medical Officer

Oliver Pulley

CEO SSI AG / Chairman of the Board SSI Group, International Venture Capital and Private Equity

David Wippich
GP, Domaine Ventures, Former CTO Ingram MIcro, 28+ M&As

Erica Mims
Customer Success Executive
Former VP TalentGuard

Steve Ardire
CEO, Signal Action AI. Advisor to 20+ AI Companies


Steve Clute

CEO, Leadergized, Former CEO and Chairman HealthFirst

Shawn Flood
Director of Recruiting at Groq, Former Facebook Talent

Fred Wysk 
Senior Managing Director and President at Hycroft Advisors, Private Equity

Tarun Krishnamurthy
Managing Partner
Anzen Technology Partners


Wesley Pullen
CTO Cloudbees, Former CSO Electric Cloud, VP CA Technologies

Dev Ghose
Board Member and Advisor,
Retired Public company CFO in Health Care Services, Retail and Consumer Services, Real Estate and REITS, Financial Services

Michael Kane
Board Advisor, Co-Founder Resonence Former Director Citi Capital Advisory,  Hedge Funds

Lee Jones
Former CIO Stratex Networks, CIO 100 Award recipient

Mark Allen
Board Member and Legal Counsel, Technology Startups

Gina Mendoza
Director of Operations at LeadCrunch[ai], Former Head Of Human Resources SoCi and Semper Solaris


Art Robbins
President, Frost and Sullivan


Mathias Bjorkholm
CEO, Co-founder Pickit, Number #1-selling  App on the Microsoft store

Paul Sinaly
Founder Managing Director - P. Sinaly CPA P.C. and Private Equity Ventures LLC


Naveen Tiwary
Head of Business Strategy, AGSHIFT
APAC Investment Banking, Asset Management, Equities, Capital Markets and Banking

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Headquarters Newport Beach


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