5.0 Issuers - Marketing Campaign

4.0 Launch Planning

4.1 Execution of  Schedule. The Account Manager will work with the Issuer to confirm a project plan for the launch of the offering on the portal.


4.2 Financial Model. Review and upload of documentations into the Funding Portal prior to launch

4.3 Marketing Strategy

  • Third-party agency involvement

  • Audience 

  • Rewards tiers and incentives, as applicable for investors

  • Content & video production

4.4 Valuation. Delivery of company valuation, completed by 3rd party.

4.5 Subscription Agreements. Creation and setup of Subscription agreements

4.6 Form C. Draft of Form

Ensure on schedule to file with SEC 21 days prior to launching the offering

4.7 Form C Review. Legal Review of Form C and Appendices prior to submission

4.8 Submission of Form C

Ensure signature by required parties

  • The individual who will sign on behalf of the company

  • The principal executive officer or officers

  • Principal financial officer

  • Controller or principal accounting officer

  • Majority of members and/or directors of the company

4.9 Submission of Subscription agreements to Escrow Company


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