1.0 Issuers - Initial Application & Screening


1.1 Initial Application By Issuer

The formal Fundraising process at USA Funders starts with the submission of an application online by a prospective issuer.

The information provided in the formal application will supersede any information provided in engagements prior to the formal application which may include discussions, email or chat exchange. 

A formal application should include:

  • Pitch deck

  • Description of Market Opportunity

  • Description of Product/Offerings

  • Competition

  • Go To Market Strategy

  • Detailed Financials

  • Projected capital raise & funding needs

  • Any Previous Financing Rounds

  • Cap table

  • IP, Patents, other assets

  • Team

1.2  Confirmation of Receipt Upon receipt, USA Funders will email a confirmation to the applicant within 48 hours.

1.3  Assignment Account Manager An Account Manager is assigned to the Issuer. The name of the Account Manager is listed in the Issuer Pipeline Document.


1.4 Initial Screening

The Initial Screening Scoring tool will assign a total rating for the Application based on Investment Fit

Investment Fit – Determines if the investment proposal is consistent with the investment philosophy of the firm. The classification is made in four dimensions:

• Industry Sector

- Relevancy relative focus areas of USA Funders

- Value Creation potential relative business concept and competition

• Stage 
- Determination of Early-stage vs Late Stage; Seed funding vs later capital Rounds

- Amount of revenue generated since company inception

• Leadership
- Total Years of experience in the product domain

- Total Years of business skills/business acumen

• Capital Raise size –  minimum and/or maximum amount that the company aims to raise

- Use of funds

1.5 Evaluation of Screening The Account Manager will use the Screening scoring tool to determine if the Application will be forwarded to the Investment Committee for an OK to proceed with Customer Agreement.  

1.6. Vote by Investment Committee If the scoring of the initial screening tool is favorable,  the Account Manager creates a Poll for the Investment Committee to vote on the Issuer application.

1.7. Customer Proposal The Account Manager will create a Customer Proposal Term Sheet to the Issuer, outlining the USA Funders Fees and general terms.

1.8 NDA and Customer Proposal For votes in favor of the Issuer; 

1.8.1 An NDA is sent via Docusign to the issuer

1.8.2 Upon completion of the NDA, a Customer Proposal document will be forwarded to the Issuer.

1.9  Confirmation of Proposal. The Account Manager archives a copy of the Customer Proposal Document

1.9.1 The Issuer is asked to sign a Customer Agreement via Docusign.


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