Start The Capital Raising Process

The Capital Raising Process

Initial Screening

We treat our issuers as long-term partners and have an on-going dialogue throughout the process. Our network of advisors and capital raise experts will provide you feedback and, depending on your business vertical, industry-specific guidance during the process of raising capital. During the initial screening, your company will be classified into one of three investment categories:​ (1) Companies that develop technology, software or services for AI or IoT, looking for capital to grow and expand. The fundraising could be part of series A or above rounds for products that are gaining traction. (2) Larger initiatives and projects that incorporate various degrees of new AI, Robotics or Device concepts. ​(3) All others. The classification helps determine what industry advisors should be involved, as well as marketing and fundraising strategy.​

Investment Committee

Our investment committee reviews projects on-going, and look at all areas of the business model. Ensure that you articulate : The market opportunity. How large the market is, and who is your target demographic. Your value proposition and offering, traction to date in terms of sales and customer adoption. Your team. Your financials, current and projected. If you need help with completing an application or have general questions on fundraising, give us a call.

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